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Key leaders of the company To visit the Philippines exhibition

  On June 23, 2019, our company participated in the veterinary drug products exhibition held in the Philippines at the request of many Philippine customers.The general manager of the company, lina xie, manager of foreign trade department, May Ban, director of sales department and other major leaders led the team to bring the company's featured products and product manuals to the exhibition.photobank-9

  On the morning of June 24th, the company team arrived at the exhibition site and started the five-day exhibition.In the exhibition, I explained to customers carefully and solved all kinds of difficulties encountered by customers in the process of production and sales, which won unanimous praise from customers and organizers.

During the exhibition, our company's delegation paid a friendly visit to all the local customers and accompanied them with gifts with Chinese characteristics to express cordial greetings to the customers.

  photobank-8  The participation in the exhibition and friendly visit further deepened our company's reputation and made a solid step to solve the problems of global farmers and livestock medicine in order to carry out follow-up work and penetrate into the southeast Asian market.At the same time, also further improve our company and the participating countries of profound friendship.