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  • Generic name】Cyclopropyrazine premix

    English name Cyromazine Premix 1%

    Main ingredient】Cyclopropylamine

    propertiesThis product is white or beige powder.


    pharmacological action

    1.As an insect growth regulator, cyclomethazine can inhibit the molt of diptera larva, especially the molt of stage 1 larva.Even very low doses of the drug in the faeces can kill fly maggots.When the concentration of feed reaches 1mg/kg, the development of most maggots in feces can be controlled, and 5mg/kg is enough to control all kinds of maggots.It usually takes effect 6 to 24 hours after use and lasts for 1 to 3 weeks.

    2.The product is quickly absorbed and excreted in chickens, and the dose of 99.1% cyclopromazine is available in chicken waste.The main metabolic pathway is to form melamine through dehydrogenation.Because of the extremely low lipid solubility of cyclopropyrazine molecules, they rarely remain in tissue.For example, if the chickens were fed with a feed containing 5mg/kg of cyclomethazine for 28 days, the maximum residual amount in the tissues was less than 0.05mg/kg of fat, 0.07mg/kg of muscle, 0.10mg/kg of liver, 0.06mg/kg of skin, and 0.16mg/kg of eggs.

    3.This product is harmless to the natural enemies of human, livestock and flies, and has no effect on the growth, egg production and reproduction of animals.

    [function and use] medicine for killing flies.Used to control the breeding of larvae in stables.

    [usage and dosage] each 1000kg feed chicken 5g was used for 4-6 weeks according to the calculation of cyclopropyrazine

    There is no regulation on adverse reactions.

    [matters needing attention]

    1. Avoid children's contact.Keep out of reach of children.

    2. When the concentration of this product reaches 25mg/kg, it can increase the feed consumption, and it can only decrease the feed consumption when it reaches 500mg/kg or above. Long-term feeding above 1000mg/kg may lead to death due to too little feeding.

    3. It is advisable to use 1 to 2 tons of chicken manure for feeding this product per hectare, and more than 9 tons may be unfavorable for the growth of plants.

    [Drug withdrawal period] 3 days for chicken.

    [specification] 1%

    [Pacakge]100g/ bag

    [Storage] Shade, airtight and keep in cool place.

    [Company]Hebei ZB-Gamay Biological Technology Co.,Ltd


    [Phone number] 0311-89206998 82620258


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