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    【Product Name】Liver Essence

    【Main ingredients】Multivitamins, Ferric ammonium citrate, Natural liver essence, Compound amino acids, etc.

     Each 1 ml contains 217.8 mg of ferric ammonium citrate (equivalent to 24.9 mg of iron),

     VA 15000 IU, VD 1500 IU, VE 2 IU, VB1 45 mg, VB2 10 mg, D-panthenol 10.71 mg,

    Niacin 12.80 mg, V B6 12 mg, V B12 0.1 mg, VK 9.73 mcg,

    Phosphorus 0.83 mg, Sodium 2.7 mg, Chloride 1.4 mg, Copper 0.05 mg.

    【Properties】 This product is a red-brown viscous liquid, taste sweet .


     1, Effective prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anemia in puppies and cats;

    2, Treat all kinds of hepatitis or other liver diseases, liver protection, liver cell activation, can strengthen the liver detoxify function after long-term use;

    3,Fast supplement the blood when anemia;

    4,Enhance physical fitness when puppies are weak, enhance immunity, anti-fatigue;

    5. Increase physical strength and breeding ability of breeding dogs;

    6, Use this medicine after lose massive blood , can quickly add nutrition, enhance the body's hematopoietic capacity.

    【Usage and dosage】

    Oral: Drop directly into mouth or mix in food.


    Weight less than 5kg  0.5-1ml/day.

    Weight  5-10kg 1-1.5ml/day,

    More than 10kg body weight  1.5-2ml/day,


     0.5-1 ml/day, or as directed.

    【Side reactions】

    1, Occasional gastrointestinal side reactions, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation and so on.

    2. Black feces can be discharged because iron combines with hydrogen sulfide in the intestine to generate black iron sulfide, which results in black feces.

    【Contraindications】 Allergy to this product is prohibited.


    【Storage】Store in a cool, dry place.

    【Valid period】2 years


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