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    Vitamin B Complex Solution IV


    【Product Name】Vitamin B Complex Solution

    【Ingredients】 Super-concentrated multi-vitamins and minerals, complex amino acids, jujube, Chinese wolfberry, honey, etc.

    Analysis of the minimum nutritional content per milliliter: Vitamin B1 34.6 mg Vitamin B2 6.9 mg Vitamin B6 13.8 mg Vitamin 

    B12 0.7 mg Pantothenic acid 32 mg Folic acid 3.36 mg Niacin 125 mg Vitamin A 3370 IU Vitamin C 30 mg Vitamin D 3370 IU 

    Vitamin E 106 mg, protein 10%, fat 25%, calcium 60 mg, phosphorus 77 mg, sodium 78 mg, potassium 23 mg, iron 92 mg, 

    magnesium 18.8 mg, zinc 20 mg, manganese 45 mg, iodine 8.8 mg, and chloride 33 mg.


    1, It can promote puppy’s growth and strength body healthy ;

    2, It can quickly restorative strength after illness, postoperative, anemia;

    3, It can improve the maternal immunity and survival rate of pups during pregnancy;

    4, It can increase the amount of milk, improve the immunity of puppy during postpartum lactation;

    5, It can enhance the body's resistance, delay aging during old age;

    6, It help to add physical fitness before and after exercise or participate in competition.

    【Product Efficacy】

    1. Effectively promote the growth of young pets and the development of the nervous system;

    2. Effectively improve the adverse reactions of the pet's digestive system in their stomach;

    3, effectively improve the pet's own immunity and disease resistance;

    4. Effectively prevent the pet skin diseases;

    5. Effectively prevent pets from stressing the new environment;

    6, effectively improve the pet's fur softness and richness.

    【Usage and Dosage】

    Orally, directly drop in the mouth or stir in food.

    Health care dosage:

    0.5-1 ml/day for puppies, 1-2 ml/day for adult dogs, double dosage during pregnancy, lactation, and rehabilitation;

    0.5-1 ml/day for cats, pregnancy, lactation, rehabilitation Period 1-2ml/day, or as advises by your doctor.


    1. Store in a cool, dry place.

     2.It is not a product quality issue if oil separation.

    [Specification] 50ml/bottle

    [Storage] cool and dry place.

    [validity] 2 years






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