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    Super calcium liquid 



    【Product name】Super calcium

    【Ingredients】 Calcium gluconate, milk calcium, vitamin A, 25-hydroxy vitamin D, excipients, flavors, etc.

    【Appearance】 This product is reddish brown liquid.


    1, It is a daily calcium supplement, promote the growth of bone;

    2,It can promote puppy’s growth and strength body healthy ;

    3, It can quickly restorative strength after illness, postoperative, anemia;

    4, It can improve the maternal immunity and survival rate of pups during pregnancy;

    5, It can increase the amount of milk, improve the immunity of puppy during postpartum lactation;

    6, It can enhance the body's resistance, delay aging during old age;

    7, It help to add physical fitness before and after exercise or participate in competition.


    Orally, directly drop in the mouth or stir in food.

    Health care dosage:

    0.5-1 ml/day for puppies, 1-2 ml/day for adult dogs, double dosage during pregnancy, lactation, and rehabilitation;

    0.5-1 ml/day for cats, pregnancy, lactation, rehabilitation Period 1-2ml/day, or as advises by your doctor.


    1. Store in a cool, dry place.

    2.It is not a product quality issue if oil separation.

    [Specification] 50ml/bottle

    [Storage] cool and dry place.

    [validity] 2 years




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