Antibody for avian influenza

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    Immune Anti-Bird flu 


    Composition: Antibody immune protein,Florfenicol


    Indication :

    1.Kill and inhibit the virus breeding,Increase body immunity level (increase 2 level ).

    2.Multifunctional prevent and treatment on bird flu, mild influenza, atypical Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis virus and mixed infection.

    3.Clinically proven to have special effect on viral symptoms caused by viral flu, and 

    viral respiratory tract.

    4.Obvious function for pericardial effusion, liver and kidney enlargement caused by the adenovirus.

    5.Fast,obviously effect, 4 hours can absorb all the antibody protein,12-24 hours can increase level.


    Anti-Bird flu immune



    Each 100g mix water 250L, or use for 1000 chickens.Added dosage if heavy disease


    Using way:

    For broiler , can use 2 course,seperately 1 course using on 18 days and 30 days.

    For layer, 

    1.can use 1 course before laying, use 1 course when laying peak

    2.Or use 1 course each month for prevention,to increase the immunity 

    For Castrated chicken,

    Continuously use 4 days before castrating,c an effectively purity respiratory track,increase the immunity level,to guarantee the surviving rate,to reduce  air sacculitis castrated chicken. 




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