Albendazole suspension antiparasite

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    Albendazole suspension

    [Main ingredients]

    Per 100ml liquid contains albendazole 10g


    This product is a suspension solution with micro-particles, which micro-precipitates 

    after static putting.wave until uniform to white or similar-white suspension

    [Pharmacological action] 

    1.Antiworm drug.Abendazole has wide - spectrum deworming performance, sensitive 

    to nematodes, have strong effect for cestonia, trematode, no effect of schistosome.

    2.This product is not only have strong effect for adult worm,it is also have strong effect

     for immaturate worm and larva worm,and can kill the worm egg.

    3.Albendazole has low toxic for animal.


    Application of nematode disease, tapeworm disease and fluke in livestock and poultry

    [Usage and dosage] 

    Calculated as albendazole.Oral , one time,

    Each 1 kg weight, horse 5-10 mg (0.5ml solution per 10 kg weight);

    Cattle/ sheep 10-15 mg (1-1.5 ml solution per 10 kg weight),

    Pigs 5-10 mg (0.5-1 ml solution per 10 kg weight);

    Dog, 25 - 50 mg (2.5-5 ml solution per 10 kg weight);

    Poultry 10-20 mg (0.1-0.2 mlper 10 kg weight)


    [Withdraw period]

    cattle 14 days, sheep 4 days, pigs 7 days, birds 4 days

    [Specification] 100ml:10g

    [Packaging]1000ml/ bottle

    [Storage] Shading,sealed storage

    [Expiry time ]24 months          



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